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BBQ ribs and flying pigs


So here I am in Bogota, Colombia, enjoying all things Colombian.

I've had the pleasure of visiting with family to shopping at Falabella (great deal on a little black jacket) and Carulla (for groceries and Sunday morning breakfast in pjs) and street markets where I made my own belt for $25 in Uzaquen..which brought me to ... ribs?

Ribs indeed. Delicious ribs. Ribs that fell apart with a fork. Ribs that had just enough sauce to add flavor, but not masking the real, cooked in flavor of the meat.

Of course, when my hosts first made mention of the place, I was a tad skeptical. Sure, I'm game to try about any food while travelling, ants in Thailand, fish eyes, durian (stinkiest fruit even Andrew Zimmern didn't want to eat) but ribs in Colombia?? That's like expecting to find Mexican food at Taco Bell. The only thing I couldn't resist with the little red piggy with wings that was hanging at the entrance, like an Angel of Ribs, he was inviting me in and I couldn't say no. See his round belly.. he must have been well fed.

So we ordered a plate of ribs to share between Juan and me, but no picture of those ribs as we devoured them in what seemed like seconds. Thus, this blog is going to serve as my lasting memory of that tender, juicy platefull of perfectly sized ribs and if you're ever travelling to Bogota you must ask to be taken to Santa Costilla in Usaquen ("Santa Costilla" is Saint Rib in Spanish and Usaquen is the neighborhood name).

Oh yeah, and tell them to make a little website so more travellers can find them!

BBQ ribs and flying pigs

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