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Nicole Hess

and her online tidbits

I wrote a blog, now what?... How do I optimize my blog?


I love information. I love pretty pictures and I love blogs. Over the past year I've seen a wonderful explosion of the combination of information and pictures shared via blogs - infographics. Delightful.

Although, I also must admit that actually remembering all the information I see in infographics has certainly been a challenge. So today I post on an infographic that is both informative and pretty, but that also is something that I want to remember and remind others of... how to optimize a blog and blog post.

Thanks to Randy Krum at Cool Infographics, there is now a wonderful infographic on the "12 Things To Do After You've Written a New Blog Post". It's a combination of SEO + PR + Social Media + email all wrapped into one post. I'm sure even the most experienced blogger could use this nifty guide for each blog as an easy checklist, and the rest of us can learn and strive to do!


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