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Miami Social Media Day - Thanks @OverBlog!


I'm glad to say that this event was all the worth of 4 weekend hours - learning atand engaging with other social media and internet marketers of SoFl.

When there's an event in Miami that's focused around any topic of work, things can quickly turn into a "be seen" event with little attention to the actual agenda... lucky for all who attended the Miami Sociall Media Day @ Zadok Gallery there was actual substance to this one!

From the inspiration to create this blog using OverBlog, thanks to Fred for being the keynote speaker - and nicely sized tshirts, oh yes, OverBlog is in Miami now. To the inspirational talk of Michelle Villalobos and neuromarketing genious of Alex Wall.

Hey, even if all that wasn't inspiration enought, there was plenty of vendor sponsored libations and stimulations.. VitaCoco Cocout Water, 305Cafecito amongst others I enjoyed to keep me in the weekend spirit.

For all you who missed, here was the agenda...looking forward to what 2013 Social Media day will bring.

Social Media Day Miami 2012 Agenda

Social Media Day Miami 2012 Agenda


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