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Nicole Hess

and her online tidbits

My 12 Lessons Learned in 2012


The end of the world came and passed, but my 12 lessons learned from 2012 remain. I'm not sharing them to be teachy or preachy, but to acknowledge them as a part of my personal evolution and to share.

1. Do marketing you and consumers would be proud of and interested in. This goes for anything actually.

2. Praise others. Do it often & highlight the specific action /attribute for which you are giving praise. Praise things the other person has control of.

3. Ask questions.

4. Listen.

5. Be grateful. Every day start the day with giving thanks for one thing. Whether you believe in the power of positive thinking or not, remembering that there is at least something to be grateful for can brighten dark days and make good ones even better.

6. Laugh. Especially when you create a fire by lighting a candle next to paper and put it out with apple juice.

7. Use social media & establish a digital self. See: http://www.ted.com/talks/amber_case_we_are_all_cyborgs_now.html

8. Stay committed. "Outliers" taught me the importance of dedication and how success isn't necessarily overnight, but the culmination of many hours of effort and the right circumstances.

9. Stand up for what you believe. And be completely open to learning what you believe is wrong when presented with enough facts and experiences to prove it.

10. The role of "devil's advocate" doesn't usually accomplish what it wants. If you have doubts, express them as your doubts. If your opinion is valued, your doubts will be valued.

11. Break the rules every once in a while - grammar rules, social rules, work rules. You owe it to yourself.

12. Love. Love wholly, love unconditionally and do not ask for it in return, but do accept it when it is there.

What are yours?



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