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Nicole Hess

and her online tidbits

Well, in effort to find women directors and leaders in South Florida, I've recently been introduced to several ways of finding out what's been going on and who's who. 
Besides the group I'm already well aware of and proud of all it tries to do (WMN - Miami) I've learned about local leaders such as Carey Kane and her Improv Yourself Workshops, to bring out the public speaker in anyone (and the idea to bring it to your business is both a fun team building exercise as well as beneficial for the company, excellent!)
... And learned about organizations such as the Women's Fund and Mi Lola - which I still have to research more thoroughly to see what their impact for women's issues has been - research I'm glad to be doing.

Also, the South Florida Business Journal is honoring influential business women on September 13 - so I'm looking forward to meeting some of these lovely ladies and seeing what we can do to improve the state of women's affairs - at least locally to start.

All in all, it's been an enlightening few weeks on what's being done locally for women's issues and who are the women leaders, but I feel far from done and still want to be able to make a difference.  There are so many issues still needing attention!
For more info on the 2012 Influential Business Women Awards & Mini Expo see: http://t.co/FRrlNP76